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Getting Your Artwork Right

We make it easy for you to design and provide artwork for any of our products by providing design templates.

When you're selecting a product, look at the bottom of the purple sidebar to find page layout templates that match your selections - can't go wrong!

So if you're looking into double-sided business cards, there's a template for that. And if you're designing a folded DL leaflet, there's one for that, too. In Quark, Photoshop and InDesign.

Using our templates is the best way to know you're getting it right. Full list of layout templates.

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When setting up your artwork:

  1. Check your pictures are high resolution (min 250dpi @ 100%)

  2. make sure your design has 3mm bleed on all outside edges.

  3. It is not important any more to check if images are rgb or cmyk, in fact it would be best to leave them as they are as we convert all rgb automatically to cmyk using the ISO12647 standard ensuring the best colour reproduction.

  4. The Easy Green Print service is super-fast, and does not include a proofing process. So it's up to you to make sure everything is as it should be when you submit your artwork. Pay close attention to colours, page order, bleeds, spelling, fonts, pictures.

Submit a press-ready PDF

It's easiest to supply us with a .pdf file. This is our preferred method because being just a single file  there is less chance of any issues arising from missing fonts or corrupt images.

There are two print styles that can be downloaded, one for QuarkXPress and one for InDesign. Each one will create your pdf file as high resolution with all fonts embedded, with trims and bleed. All you have to do in each application is export to pdf. Need help? Just give us a call.

If you cannot generate a PDF, you can supply us with all the original files. Just go down the file menu and collect (QuarkXPress) or package (InDesign) your job. This will automatically collect all aspects of your job and put them neatly into one folder. You can then zip them up and upload that.

What if I'm not a designer?

We have a team of qualified and experienced designers that can help you out. More info and design prices


Tell the world how green you are

Why not incorporate this smart strapline into your design to show off your environmental commitment? Easy Green Print is significantly more evironmentally sustainable than most other printers so you should get some credit for using us! Download the high resolution JPEG or the vector EPS Easy Green Print Strapline.

Preview of Easy Green Print strapline

Complete transparency at Easy Green Print

Gorsh blimey, Easy Green Print sure has won a lot of awards and received many accreditations.

Move your mouse over the icons to find out exactly what it stands for. Complete transparency - it's absolute Greenius!

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