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A Sweet Story of Rhino Poo Paper

Like it or not, Easy Green Print are famous for Rhino Poo paper.  


We adore it and so do our customers. But how is it made and how does it get here?  Do we air freight exotic African rhino poo by the tonne?  Err no, that would not be very green. 

The actual story is really engaging.    


The waste paper forming the pulp in the rhino poo paper is collected from schools and colleges within the UK. No detergents or bleaches are used when cleaning the paper.

The pulp is then mixed with a small percentage of rhino poo, diligently collected from UK zoos and parks and then dried before it is added to the recycled paper pulp.  

The paper is made on a Fourdrinier paper making machine, (certainly the oldest paper making machine still in operation here in the UK and probably Europe). The mill where the paper is made is a UK heritage site and charity, (used to be the home of the British Paper Company).


Our wonderful paper manufacturer can provide other kinds of innovative papers:

  • Elephant poo (which supports a charity for elephants)
  • Denim handed back to charity shops that can’t be sold due to broken zips, etc,
  • Banana skins (local zoo gets the bananas so no waste),
  • Reindeer poo from UK zoos and parks
  • Shredded bank notes taken out of circulation, etc.


For further information on any of the above, just contact us! 


Photo used with appreciation and thanks to Viralbus

By Kalpana Peigne, Marketing Manager, Easy Green Print

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