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We Respect Your Privacy

At Easy Green Print we like to be plain-talking and have no secrets. That's why the price you see is the price you pay, and why we spell out what all our accreditations and awards mean. The same applies to respecting your personal data.

Easy Green Print requires various pieces of personal data.

  1. You may be asked to provide your name, email, phone number and address – when these details are required to provide our service to you. e.g. we'll ask for your name and an email if you use the contact us form; or when you place an order, we obviously need to know where to send your stuff! We'll keep your details in our database to provide you with a personalised experience when you return.

  2. Our regular newsletter is opt-in. (it's worth it, too, you can get money off your printing, and learn more about what makes printing green...or not!). You can unsubscribe whenever you want; we're not interested in spamming anyone!
  3. We don't give (or sell) your details to anyone else.

  4. Your credit/debit card details are never held by Easy Green Print. Our secure payment process is handled by the privacy pros at SagePay, using industry-standard, super strong encryption.

  5. Cookies are small bits of information stored by your web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.) that help our website identify you. They are required for our ordering service to work. Because we use Google Analytics and Lead Forensics to help us understand the effectiveness of our website, there will be a cookie from them, too. Your browser will have a way to delete cookies, should you feel the need.

  6. Artwork files you upload are stored on our servers and are only accessible to you and us. After your order has been processed, we delete them from our web server, but will keep a backup as a matter of course.

  7. Cookies are required on this site for ordering print. Third party cookies (including Google analytics) are also used to help us understand and monitor traffic and people's use of the site.

Complete transparency at Easy Green Print

Gorsh blimey, Easy Green Print sure has won a lot of awards and received many accreditations.

Move your mouse over the icons to find out exactly what it stands for. Complete transparency - it's absolute Greenius!

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